GPS Tracking Allows Manhattan Fruit Exchange to Optimize Routing

gps tracking for quick delivery routes

How the largest produce delivery business in NYC delivers on-time.

Managing one of the most successful produce supply companies in New York City is no easy feat. Include a fleet of mobile assets and delivery teams and you have a whole other set of challenges.  Now add one of the busiest and most congested cities in the world.  These are the conditions Louis Latilla, owner of The Manhattan Fruit Exchange, is constantly facing.

The Manhattan Fruit Exchange (MFE) is the largest wholesale provider and retail seller of fruits and vegetables in NYC. The company prides itself on supplying only the finest and freshest products that are delivered to over 500 restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other institutions throughout Manhattan as well as Brooklyn and New Jersey.

With a majority of their clientele located throughout busy Manhattan, Latilla was faced with continued complaints from customers about late delivery, which resulted in losing clients.

With clients like esteemed restaurant, La Grenouille, and the inability to track his trucks and enforce driver accountability, Latilla was frustrated and determined to find a solution.

Having considered a few GPS fleet tracking systems before partnering with Teletrac, Latilla searched for a system that would help him efficiently manage his fleet of 15-20 trucks and was happy to find all he desired with Teletrac.

“Before Teletrac, drivers were making up their own routes and there was no way of knowing other than having them followed.  I now have complete oversight of my fleet of trucks,” Latilla said.

He added that Teletrac’s GPS tracking system allowed him to see a tremendous amount of information with regard to the company’s trucks.

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“It allows us to keep accurate track of not only where the trucks go but how long they take to make their stops,” Latilla explained. “Our company rules dictate that drivers follow a specific route. When a driver deviates from his assigned route, he is given a copy of the printout and a warning. Needless to say, we now have less problems with our drivers.”

gps fleet tracking for delivery fleets

MFE uses Teletrac for route optimization and driver navigation

Implementing GPS tracking in each of Manhattan Fruit Exchange’s trucks has encouraged drivers to stick with their specific routes which have resulted in on-time deliveries and the added benefit of more efficient routes and more deliveries a day.

Now that drivers know their routes are being recorded and reviewed by a supervisor it has led to the vast improvement in the fleet’s performance.

The results? Happier clients and a much happier Louis.

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